The Midnight Star – Marie Lu Book Signing

Despite living right outside the Nation’s capital, nothing really happens here. I’m talking book tours, limited release movies, or pop culture events. This is why I always jump at the chance for anything remotely exciting. Luckily, My city was a stop on The Midnight Star book tour!

For the past month I have been devouring The Young Elites, a book series by Marie Lu. The Young Elites is a young adult series about teenagers who have X-Men-like powers set in something that reminds me vaguely of the Italian Renaissance. The series is really interesting; dealing with villains and darkness. I timed my reading of this series perfectly; the third and final book in the series, The Midnight Star, was released on October 11th.

The Young Elites

The author of the series, Marie Lu, was doing a book tour and to my surprise, one of the stops was in my town! I cleared my schedule so I could make it because, like I said, nothing really happens here. Before the event, I raced to finish the second book, The Rose Society. I ended up finishing the book the night before the event (while I was at work. Don’t worry, it was only during my breaks).

It was shocking to see how many people showed up at the event. It was no Harry Potter release party, but there were still a fair number of people there. I felt really out of place since most of the people there seemed to be high school or college students. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an adult who is a fan of YA. It really warmed my heart to see so many “young people” to be so excited about a new book. I think the media tries to paint this picture of young people as a generation that is always stuck to their phones and not caring about anything “intellectual,” like reading. An event like this really showed that teens and other young people are still interested in books and reading.

The event was basically a Q&A with the author. She talked about her original version of the Young Elites, her writing process, and inspirations she had for this series and her other books. Ms. Lu read us a description of what she originally planned for The Young Elites. The roles were changed, but a lot of the names were the same. I am starting to work more on creative writing, so hearing about how much this series grew and developed before it was published was really inspiring.

After the Q&A, it was time for the signing. I was in the first group so it went by quickly. I brought along my copies of The Young Elites and The Rose Society to get signed along with my freshly purchased copy of The Midnight Star. The girl in front of me had a very heart warming melt down in front of Ms. Lu. She basically told Ms. Lu how much she loves her and her books. Then she proceeded to cry and take a picture. I felt a connection with that girl because I’ve totally been there.

Then it was my turn. I basically told Ms. Lu that I really like this series even though I started reading it recently. She said she was happy to hear that. Ms. Lu also told me how much she loved my hair and fashion style. I did an internal hair flip at that compliment. We took a picture together and I was on my way.

With Marie Lu

I love events like this. It’s so rare that I get to go to a book signing. There are still many more authors that I would like to meet!

Definitely pick up The Young Elites series if you haven’t!

Avengers and Free Comic Book Day!

There are some weekends where I do absolutely nothing, and then there are others that are filled with tons of nerdiness. This past weekend was one of those super nerdy weekends.

Thursday I got together with some friends and did the Avengers Double Feature for the release of Age of Ultron! I love super hero movies, and because of the influence of my friend, I’ve been getting more into comics. Mostly I just read X-Men, but that didn’t stop me from being really excited for the newest Avengers movie. We definitely didn’t have the time or the will power to do the mega Marvel marathon that lasts for like, two days. We settled on the Double Feature instead; which was the first Avengers movie and the newest one.

Photo May 04, 9 41 37 PM

Of course we had to dress up. I went as Scarlet Witch, because of my love for X-Men (even though they aren’t really included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). I was missing a few pieces, and it wasn’t completely accurate, but recognizable enough. We also had a Black Widow, Tony Stark, and a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent! The most popular of our group was Black Widow, obviously. She had several young girls take pictures with her! After the movies were over, some people included me in their photos. Scarlet Witch is a bit more recognizable after the movie for most people.

It’s really great to see young girls get excited about female Super Heroes. And they say no one is interested in female Super Heroes.

Photo Apr 30, 10 49 36 PM

The Double Feature was great, for the most part, but I’ll get to that. The best thing was that it was full of super nerds like me! Even though I’m kind of a stickler for quiet in movie theaters, for something like this there are moments when cheering and clapping is great.

This was also the first time I’ve seen the first Avengers movie in theaters! I was in Japan when it originally came out so I missed it (it came out in Japan after I had left). Of course I’ve seen it before, but it was really nice to see it on the big screen!

Ultron was fantastic! It was a ton of fun and full of all the super hero feels you can get. But we had a bit of bad luck. It was in IMAX which was awesome, but there was a storm and it messed with the projector. The movie went out twice and after it came back the whole thing was a little dim. That was really disappointing, but the theater gave us free tickets to come see it again (or anything else) uninterrupted. Though it did give us some time to express our excitement to each other while they worked on getting the movie back up! I know I gushed about Steve Rogers during that time!

Photo Apr 30, 6 19 12 PM

I’ve already seen the movie twice. I saw it with my parents on Saturday too. I was dying to talk to my dad about it so I wanted him to see it right away (My dad and I always talk about comics and super hero movies. He loves Iron Man).

Saturday was also Free Comic Book Day! The first weekend in May is always a day when comic book fans can journey to participating stores and pick up some exclusive comic books, for free! This was my first time going. I’ve always felt wary about comic book stores because I have friends who have had bad experiences being females in comic book shops. I went with the same friend who was Black Widow on Thursday for some support. It was a good experience actually! Most shops have a limit on how many comics you can get (this one was 3). A lot of people will go to different stores all day to get all of the free comics, but I only had one participating store near by.

Photo May 02, 2 02 27 PM

I picked up both of the Marvel comics (Secret Wars #0 and the new Avengers) and I also got one from Black Circle comics. The reason I picked up the one from Black Circle was because there was a cool looking lady hero on the front, but there was no content for her story! There were previews of two other male led stories, but the lady only had some character art! I was a little disappointed by that.

In order to support the shop I also picked up some X-Men! I got volume one of the Age of Apocalypse. This will get me ready for the next X-Men movie (which is the same story). I can always use more X-Men!

It was a super comic filled weekend for me! I love weekends like this where I can just do things that make me really happy.

Did you go to Free Comic Book Day? Let me know!

Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers

Last Friday I went to a show! A concert! I saw Hank Green, Harry and the Potters and Driftless Pony Club. Probably the nerdiest show I’ve ever been to. Seriously.

For those of you who do not know, Hank Green is one half of the vlogbrothers. He writes a lot of songs about Harry Potter and science. It’s all horribly nerdy. And then there is Harry and the Potters, the original Wizard Rock band and Driftless Pony Club, headed by Youtuber Wheezy Waiter. It was just one giant nerdfest.

The show was at the Black Cat, pretty much an indie rock institution in Washington DC. The only other time I’ve been to this venue was in college when I saw The Aquabats. Even though I’ve only ever been there once, I love this venue. it’s small and the stage is low so you feel closer the the band. It’s dingy and grimy, just the way a punk rock venue should be.

This show was full of underage kids. It was really a different experience because of that. I also felt a little old when Hank Green asked how many people were under 21 and more than half the venue raised their hands. I’m not saying it was a bad thing, but it did stop me from pushing closer to the front.

The music was really great and I had a fantastic time jumping around and dancing. Not a lot of people around me were dancing, which is really their loss. Their lack of outward enthusiasm didn’t stop me from having a great time. I told myself that I would dance and have a good time no matter what the surroundings were.

This was my first time seeing Harry and the Potters after being familiar with them for years. It was both the silliest and the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. No joke. They do short songs all about Harry Potter and it’s just…so good. During their last song “Save Ginny Weasley” they threw a giant stuffed snake (the Basilisk we were saving Ginny from) into the crowd, which was such a fun idea.

Driftless Pony Club was cool too. I sort of lost my momentum during their set. There were two openers before HatP (Andrew Huang and Rob Scalion), and I have never listened to DPC. I saved my energy and lightly danced. They were really good though!

Hank Green was the final act to go on and it was really fun! “Accio Deathly Hallows” was one of my favorite parts. He also did a cover of Taylor Swifts “Shake it off” which was ridiculous. For the encore he sang The Ghostbusters Theme song. No joke. Members of Driftless Pony club came out as a ghost and Ghostbusters. And then Hank sang the songified version of his and his brother’s argument about Batman which was amazing.

After the show I hung around to get my poster signed by everyone! I actually managed to get everyone! When I met Hank he asked me what was on my shirt. It was my Gunarolla “YouTube’s Greatest Tragedy” shirt which he thought was hilarious. And then Andrew Huang (Gunnarolla’s best friend) walked buy and Hank pointed out my shirt. Andrew and I took a picture together for him to send to Gunnarolla! That was a great moment!

Also, as a bonus I ran into youtuber Lesliefoundhergrail, which was awesome. She does this really great series called “One Time Stories.” It was great talking to her!

This was a super fun show! I really recommend seeing any of these bands if you can!

And now: Pictures!





10 Movies a Month – March

I love watching movies and I try to see as many as possible. I’ve started doing this challenge where I watch 10 movies a month. They don’t necessarily have to be brand new movies, just movies I’ve never seen before. My success rate differs every month, but I “win” more often than I “fail.” Fair warning, Most of the movies I watched this month I didn’t like.

So here are the 10 movies I watched in March

1. Anna Karenina


This movie lost me very early on. I love period films, but this one just didn’t hold up. This is based on a famous Russian novel of the same name and stars Keira Knightly (one of my favorite actresses). It is about a woman who has an affair and the excitement of that. In the beginning it has a very distinctive style. It moves very quickly and feels like a play with lots of set changes. It loses this style half way through, but picks it back up at the end. Maybe this is to mirror Anna’s relationship: in the beginning starting an affair is very exciting and new and things happen so fast. But then trouble starts, and the “other man” gets bored of her and it slows down. It could be that, but the film overall didn’t keep my attention.


2. Belle


Another period film. The film is inspired by the painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle. Belle is an illegitimate mixed-race girl who is taken by her upper class, white father to her uncle’s home. There she grows up and struggles with her status: better than the slaves, yet not as good at the white people. In the film Belle helps contribute to the start of abolishing slavery in England. It seems like it should be interesting, and the trailers made it look very good, but this movie falls flat too. None of the characters are very compelling and it moves very slowly.


3. About Time


This movie surprised me. I had seem trailers for it while it was in theaters and it seemed good, but I didn’t hear much about it. I really liked this movie! It’s a time travel movie and probably filled with paradoxes, but if you take it as it is and don’t think about the time travel that much then it’s super enjoyable. This movie is all about making the most out of each day. It’s about family and love and how every moment is important. It’s a really beautiful movie and I recommend everyone go watch it!


4. Tristan and Isolde


I have zero to say about this movie, really. It was a star-crossed lovers type of story and incredibly boring.


5. Jupiter Ascending


I wanted to like this movie so much. It looked promising. An original scifi movie with lots of great world building and an interesting premise. They just tried to put too much into it. This would have benefitted from being a trilogy. There were so many ideas and so many things and plots in this movie that it went by way too fast. If you want something that is fun and packs a lot in then go for it, I just wished they had taken their time with it.


6. The Book Thief


I really don’t have much to say about this one either. I’ve probably just read and seen too many stories about World War II. I have not read the book that this movie is based on either. The one thing this movie had going for it was the different perspective. Most of the stories I’ve seen about World War II are from the perspective of the Jewish population. The Book Thief is about a girl growing up in Germany (I think her mother was Russian though).  So it was interesting to see a story from that side of the war; the brainwashing, destroying of books etc.


7. Cinderella


This is Disney’s new live action Cinderella movie. I talked about the movie a lot in a previous post so I’ll just link to that so you can read all my thoughts on it. I really liked it!


8. Frequencies


THIS MOVIE. I loved this movie. I randomly picked this on Netflix to watch and I’m so happy I did! It’s a sort of alternate universe type thing, where people have frequencies attached to them, basically as a marker of their intelligence. It’s all about fate and destiny and over coming obstacles. Just go watch it. It’s amazing.


9. Parallels


This movie tricked me. It’s about a building that travels between alternate universes and versions of Earth. There is a brother sister pair who go to save their dad who has some connection to the building. After an hour and a half of boring stuff what looked like the main plot was coming and then it just ends. Turns out it’s just the beginning to a netflix series. So if the movie does well and people want more they will make more episodes. Boooo.


10. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Again. Nothing to say really. It was bad. So bad. The plot was weak and the acting was bad. Percy Jackson should have stayed books.


Two weeks ago Disney released it’s new live action Cinderella movie. My friends and I decided to go see it together because who doesn’t love a good princess movie? We went the Sunday after it premiered, so it was definitely crowded. The AMC theater we saw it at recently started doing assigned seating, which was a life saver. A few members of our group were a little late, so the assigned seating was a life saver! This is a new concept in my area, and it is a good one. No more sitting in the theater for 45 minutes to get a good seat! I hope more theaters adopt this concept.

Also, since one of my friends is part of the AMC theaters loyalty program she purchased my ticket (I paid her back obviously), so I could get the collectable pin! It’s really cute!

File Mar 27, 1 30 22 PM

But enough of the theater talk, what really matters is the movie!

I’m a good enough Disney fan, but the thing that drew me to this movie was the costumes! As a cosplayer and someone who just adores costumes in general, this movie was a must see. Just seeing Cinderella’s ball dress in the trailers was enough for me to want to see the movie.

Disney really pulled out all the stops on this one. Kenneth Branagh always makes gorgeous films, and Cinderella was no exception. The cinematography was brilliant and the colors were fantastic. It really gave off a “fairy tale” feel.

Cinderella is full of actors I recognized right off the bat and some who made me go “Oh that’s who that was!” Lily James, who I recognized right away as Rose from Downton Abbey,  does an excellent job as the film’s title character. She is elegant, sweet and feels just like the original version! Another actor who I recognized the second she opened her mouth was Sophie McShera (Daisy on Downton Abbey) who was the “ugly step-sister” Drisella. I’m used to her sweet and kind character on Downton Abbey so it was really refreshing to see her play someone with a complete opposite personality!

And then there was the Prince. The entire movie I couldn’t place where I knew him from. He was so handsome and completely charming and I just knew I had seen him some where else. Turns out the Prince is played by Richard Madden, the same actor who played my favorite Game of Thrones character, Robb Stark! I was kicking myself when I realized!

The story doesn’t deviate from the classic Disney animated film much at all. There are even mice friends and an angry cat! I’ve read a lot of people that are unhappy with how Cinderella is characterized. They say she is passive and doesn’t go and take anything for herself. I don’t think I agree with this sentiment. Ella has lost everyone she loves and now has to endure the abuse by her step mother but even though she has been living in this horrible environment, she still manages to find it in her hart to be a good person. A lot of the complaints I have seen are because she really doesn’t go after the prince; she kind of just sits there passively when the guards show up with the shoe and the mice make sure she is noticed. But Ella is perfectly fine with this. She had her magical night of fun and that’s all that really mattered to her. Getting the prince is just a bonus, really.

Overall, it’s a really fun movie. It’s beautiful to watch and would be a good movie to go out and see with your female friends! Definitely go see it if you can!

And of course my outfit for the day! I had Cinderella in my mind when picking out this outfit, so I picked a lot of blues!

CinderellaootdThe dress is a lightweight denim from Old Navy and I added the brown belt to tie in my trusty brown boots!


Room Tour!

Today on youtube I released a video showcasing my bedroom! I’ve been working really hard on it for the past year to make it a space that reflects my personality. My sister moved out a year ago, so I took the opportunity to take over her room (it’s bigger than my old one). I cleared out a lot of my stuff, picked paint, got a new bed, and made a space that is uniquely me!

Below is the video that shows the whole room, but this post is going to detail a few things in my room!



File Apr 02, 12 21 11 PMMy favorite Disney movie is Tangled. It’s just so beautiful! One of my favorite pieces of imagery was the sun pennants that hung around the town on Rapunzel’s birthday. I’ve always wanted something like that in my room, so why not make my own? I made these myself. I swed up some triangles and found a template for the sun online. I just used acrylic paint on them and strung them up on some ribbon. It was a really fun and quick project to do!


2. Unicorno

File Apr 02, 12 22 16 PM

I am obsessed with TokiDoki’s Unicorno blind boxes! They are all super cute vinyl figures that I can’t get enough of! I’ve had some good luck and some bad luck with them (I’ve gotten three of the pink ones before), but I just can’t stop collecting them. They are slowly taking over one of my “toy shelves”


3. Troubleman

File Apr 02, 12 21 37 PM

This poster is super special to me. The poster is from a screening of a Japanese show called “Troubleman” that happened in NYC a few years ago. I went to the screening because the show stars my favorite Japanese celebrity, Kato Shigeaki. I met up with a bunch of friends in NYC and we went together. One of my friends and I asked some of the people running the event if we could have the posters after it was over. When the lady found out that I came all the way from Virginia to see the screening, she took my picture with the poster and sent it to the show producer! There is a very high chance that Shigeaki saw my picture! So this poster represents a lot to me, especially a super fun weekend with friends!

5. Bedspread


I am in love wit this bedspread! It’s got bright colors and a sort of galaxy them too it, and I can’t get enough of galaxy themed things! I got it from Urban Outfitters, but it is from Deny. It’s a queen size and super comfortable. I think the only downside is that it gets a little dirty sometimes. It probably just looks like that because it is a light color.

6. TV


This TV is different than the one in the video, because it’s new! It’s 32 inch 4K tv and super nice! It sits at the end of my bed so I can watch netflix in bed! Also on the shelf it sits on is my Fennekin plush and my wand from the Harry Potter theme park. I put two small posters of my favorite Japanese boy band, NEWS, to cover up the ugly back of my shelf. (The band has lost a few members over the years. I swear its the same group of boys).


February Ipsy Glam Bag- Love

For a few months now I’ve been getting the Ipsy Glam bag. It’s a subscription service where for $10 a month you get 5-6 makeup/beauty items delivered right to your door! It’s a fantastic service, and I’ve always found something that I really like! I’ve been super lazy about posting what was in my glam bag each month, but I’d like to change that!

This month’s theme was “love.” Most of my items were pinks and purples and colors you’d associate with “love.” Honestly, this might have been the weakest bag for me (great one to start with), but I always think, hey, I got all of this stuff for $10, so no big deal!


First off the bag. I love the bags everything comes in. They are so cute and so useful! They are great for traveling or just storing your make up! My make up drawer is so much more organized! This months’ is super cute; I love anything pink. It’s also really durable and seems like it would be water resistant.

1. Eva-Nyc Up All Night Volumizing Spray


I love getting hair products! I really like this spray. It doubles as a heat protectant too. You either spray it on your hair before of after blow drying/styling your hair. My hair can be somewhat limp, even after blow drying so I put it on before drying my hair. I really noticed a difference! My hair felt fuller after I was done drying. I will probably use up this sample size that I got.

2.  Model Cosmestics blush in Peach Bellini


I rarely wear blush, like almost never. I think the only times I wear blush is for cosplay purposes, and that’s even really rare. I have a lot of redness in my face, so I try not to add much more. That being said, I don’t think I will be using this product. I did however put a little on my hand to see what it would look like. I think if I were to ever wear blush this would be a good one for me.

3. Pencil Me In Eye liner in Amethyst


I really like this eye liner! I don’t normally wear eye liner colors in anything other than black, but I think this is a dar enough color where I would be comfortable wearing it. It’s really smooth and easy to apply. The greatest thing about this eyeliner is that there is a sharpener built into the cap! This way you’re not mixing it with anything else! That is probably my favorite thing about this liner.

4. Cargo Cosmetics Lip gloss in Anguilla


I’m not a fan of lip glosses, or lip products in general. They are something I seem to get in every ipsy bag. I don’t even have lip products marked on the “things I want” section on the site. This gloss isn’t even something I would consider wearing. It’s very sticky and gooey.

5. Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504


The best thing about the Ipsy Glam Bag is that you get brushes. I think every other month I get brushes and it’s fantastic. This one is very soft and doesn’t seem like the bristles will fall out upon using. I haven’t had a chance to use this brush yet, but I hope I do soon!


Overall out of these 5 items I will definitely use two of them, maybe 1 and probably not 2 of them. 3 out of 5 isn’t too bad! It’s not the best glam bag I’ve received, but I like it none the less!

The great thing about Ipsy is that you get discounts and coupons for all the products in this months bag (even the ones you didn’t receive!) If you want to subscribe you can find my referral link here.

Do you subscribe to the Ipsy Glam bag? What did you get this month?


Last weekend I went to Katsucon! Katsucon is an anime convention at the Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland. This is one of my favorite conventions, probably because the venue is just so gorgeous! Seriously, Katsucon is any cosplayer’s photoshoot dream. I’ve been going to Katsucon for years and it’s always been a good time. It’s been great to see this convention grow to what it is now.

I attended the convention for all three days. Unfortunately, the room I stayed in didn’t have the fantastic atrium view, but honesty that isn’t important. I actually arrived on Thursday for a few hours to pick up my badge. My boyfriend came with me to keep me company. We stood in line for about an hour and a half (which was honestly very short compared to the line people experienced on Friday). Then we stopped off to say hi to some friends and then went home. A lot of people arrive on Thursday to pick up their badges, I never stay overnight on Thursday though.

Friday started off the weekend! I got to the convention around 10am because I wanted to catch my friend’s panel. She did a panel on beginning cosplay advice. She is a lot of fun so the panel was great. She’s also semi-cosplay famous so afterwards we had to wait for her to finish taking pictures with everyone. It’s really great to see such an old and good friend be recognized for the work she does!


My costume for Friday was Daphne from Scooby Doo. My favorite show as a kid was Scooby Doo so this cosplay was a dream come true! My friend also dressed as Velma with me. It was so much fun running around with her. So many people took our picture and told us we were adorable. Honestly this was probably my most popular costume. In the evening I went to dinner with some of my old friends. We ate at a restaurant in the National Harbor called Redstone Grill. A lot of the restaurants in the Harbor are expensive, but this was on moderately priced. The food was good, but they mixed up my order so I had to wait a little longer than my friends to eat.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with friends and then waiting for everyone in my room to quiet down so I could make final edits on my panel for the next morning.

Saturday morning I woke up early because I had to present a panel at 10am! The panel was on male Japanese idols (or boybands). The panel was a lot of fun. I had a very small turn out; seven people total (two of which were friends). But it was fun to present. I showed a really fun video at the end which was great to watch with everyone. One of the girls who showed up subscribes to my youtube channel! That made me so happy! I have a very small audience so any time I get to meet anyone fills me with happiness!

The rest of Saturday I wore my Astrid costume from Anime USA. Lots of people really liked it even though I didn’t get many pictures. The costume was so warm though! In the evening my friend and I went outside to get away from the warmth (there were so many people in the convention center it was really warm). We went and took some pictures on my phone, which was fun. I also recorded a special episode of my podcast! It’ll be out next week, but it was tons of fun!


Saturday night is when we had our real party. We changed into our Kigurumis (or animal PJs) and drank, ate and talked. It was a lot of fun. We went and walked around the convention, seeing a bit of the Uzuhi concert, the artists alley, and a few other things. Even later at night there are lots of people around!


Sunday was the last day and honestly I didn’t have the greatest day. I wasn’t hungover the the pervious night, but I think it put me in a bad mood. It took us a while to get our stuff together to check out and eventually get out of the hotel. My friends and I ate at the restaurant in the hotel. Then we walked around the dealer’s room and artists alley. I couldn’t really find much to buy though. I wasn’t in the best mood so I left around 2pm.

I think overall it was a good convention. I saw a lot of friends I never really get to see and I saw some internet friends too! That’s one of the things I really like about conventions; seeing people you never see and catching up.

As for what I bought, I didn’t get that much. I go a really cute necklace from my friend at Non-Dairy Confectionary and an Alpacasso plush. I have two other Alpaca plushes, but neither of them are the real Amuse Alpacasso brand. But I finally got one! I got the male version of the Antique series. I named him Fitzwilliam. I thought that was a fitting name.



It’s no secret that I have a weakness for boy bands. Japanese boy bands especially. I’ve been a fan of the group NEWS for somewhere around 7 years. It’s been a rough road for NEWS, but I’m not going to get into that.

NEWS released a new single, KAGUYA, on January 7th, and being the fan I am, I ordered it! Since it was coming from Japan I only got it today, but I was so excited to receive the package!


The single came in three versions; Regular, Limited A, and Limited B. They are all slightly different and if you bought all three you received three special clear files. Which ones did I get? All three of course!

Each version has a different cover. The regular version is the simplest, yet comes with more songs. It has KAGUYA, Butterfly, ;, Top of the World and a Karaoke version of KAGUYA. That’s pretty much it. The CD insert is very simple also; just a group shot of the group members.


The Limited A version comes with a DVD! Because it only has the DVD it only comes with two songs (KAGUYA and Butterfly). The DVD includes the music video for the main single and then the making or “behind the scenes” of the music video. The music video making is really fun! It’s really great to see how hardworking the group members are, but the best part is just seeing them screw around. The four members of NEWS get along really well so they are always making fun of each other and doing silly things.


The music video is awesome! Honestly it seems a little ridiculous, but it’s really cool too! It has a very effeminate feel to it, but that may have to do with the director Ninagawa Miki who is known for that kind of thing. It’s full of traditional Japanese imagery and they do some cool dancing with Japanese umbrellas. There are some weird shots of them sitting in a pond, but I think I can forgive them for that. Tegoshi (the one with the blonde hair) really shines the video! This really is his style. In the making portion they were asking Tegoshi how he thinks of things to do, but Tegoshi says he has no idea! His brain just switches off and he does whatever!

The Limited B version is the version where if you like pictures, this is the one for you. It comes with a 12 page booklet (mostly pictures) and four special cards! The Limited B version comes with three songs, KAGUYA, Butterfly and TRAVeLING.



I know it sounds like a lot of the same thing, but for a die-hard fan like me, each version is unique and special. Plus, after the initial press of the limited versions runs out you can’t get them again!


I’m going to try my best to describe the songs and how I feel about them (if you are really curious, you can probably find them around the internet somewhere).


This is the title track. It is a love song based on the tale “Princess Kaguya” from the “Tale of the Bamboo-cutter” It’s a pretty basic song, and if you read the tale then it makes sense. I think the main point of this song is how it sounds. It’s got influences of tradtional Japanese music with a great pop base. It sounds sort of dark and mysterious. It’s a really fun song. Probably my favorite out of all of the songs on the cds.

2. Butterfly (バタフライ)

This is a medium tempo ballad. It’s got a lot of piano and acoustic gutair. Honestly it’s a very sickeningly sweet love song, but it’s the kind that you want a group of cute boys to sing. This is pretty much a standard Bside song, but I really like it! It’s really happy sounding!


Don’t ask me why it’s spelled like that. Jpop is weird sometimes. This is a really fun sounding song. It’s light and bouncy, lots of trumpets. Honestly I’m a little confused about the lyrics. It’s either about meeting a girl while traveling the world, or missing a girl at home while traveling the world. Probably some combination of the two. You can hear a lot of Masuda and Koyama in this song. It really fits their happy and sunny voices. The more I listen to this song the more I don’t really like it. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just not really the type of song I like?

4. Wasurenagusa (勿忘草) (Forget me not)

This is the shortest song out of all of them. There is only one verse. This really is a ballad. Piano and strings everywhere. There is a lot of flower imagery in this song. Basically about lost love and not forgetting it. I feel like it’s lacking something by being so short. I want it to be longer.


This is a fast paced pop song. It’s got a lot of techno sounding elements to it and some autotune. The lyrics are about reaching for your dreams, picking yourself up after you fall down, that sort of thing. It’s simply a fun song.

Here are some more pictures of the extras and packaging!




All in all I think this is a great release from NEWS. The main track is super fun, and the music video is really cool. Each version of the single was unique enough to warrant getting and the extras are really cool!

KAGUYA debuted at number 1 on the Oricon charts (Japan’s Billboard-type charts), continuing NEWS’s streak of #1 singles. International sales don’t count towards the Oricon ranking, but I’m still happy to support NEWS regardless!

Overall I give KAGUYA by NEWS a 4/5!


You can purchase KAGUYA and other Jpop cds at cdjapan, yesasia, or HMV (those are the three I recommend)


Modcloth Stylish Surprise!

Like probably everyone else I adore  Modcloth. Super cute, quirky, vintage inspired clothes, that offer a wide range of sizes? Who could resist. I know I can’t.

One of my favorite things about Modcloth is the Stylish Surprise. Basically, when they want to get rid of inventory, Modcloth lets you buy a random item for $5 or $10. You have no idea what you are going to get, you just pick the category (Accessory, shoes, dress, etc) and your size. It’s really fun and excited and you pretty much always get something super cute!

I’ve gotten it once before and I was pretty happy with it! This time I decided to splurge a bit and get something from every category (and two from the dress category). Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

I made a video for my youtube channel with my initial reaction to my items.


I love all these items. I would have loved to model them, but I haven’t really had the chance to wear them yet!

Dress #1


The first dress I got was this teal dress with hats and mustaches in the print. I can’t tell you how much I adore this dress. I love the color, I love the bow, I love the pattern and the cut. There is only one problem. It doesn’t fit. I ordered a size that I thought would be good, and overall it does. There is one area where the zipper wont’ zip at all. Honestly, I’ve been having a hard time with my weight lately and clothes have been fitting strangely. I’m working on losing some weight to hopefully remedy this problem, so hopefully by summer I’ll be able to wear this dress! It seems like it’s more of a summer thing anyway.


Dress #2


Dress number two is more of a vintage inspired one I think? I think it is very cute and not something I would pick out normally. But I like it. I do have to figure out how to style it, since it’s not something I would normally wear. But I’m excited to break out of my fashion box and rock this dress!




This shirt is great. It’s really classy and gives off a nautical vibe. Maybe it’s the blue and white stripes? Once agin with the weight thing, but this shirt is a little tight. I haven’t been able to find any images of it online so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be so form fitting. The material is a bit stretchy so I’m assuming it’s supposed to be a little form fitting.



IMG_3297A super cute red polka dot scarf! It’s a thick scarf despite being made out of a rather thin material. But I already love it! It’s working great this winter keeping me warm and feeling fun!




This is the only item that I’m not 100% happy about. I just don’t wear earrings. I have a horrible time with them. I’m allergic to nickel and probably some other metals (I have a hard time wearing sterling silver also). So these are just not going to work out for me. But that’s the gamble with the Modcloth Stylish Surprise! You never know what you are going to get. I think I have a friend who would like these very much.

I also got a pair of shoes, but I forgot to take a picture of them. They really aren’t anything fancy. Just a pair of beige sandals. They will be super cute to wear in the summer! You can see them in my video above!


I can’t wait for the next Stylish Surprise!