Video resume

I am a digital video producer. I have a degree in Film and Video Studies from George Mason University. For editing I have experience using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. I have shot using a variety of different cameras, but mainly I use a DSLR to shoot content.

I host my own Youtube channel. All content is shot, edited and produced by me. I upload weekly and have approximately 2000 subscribers. Content is primarily in a video blog format.
I also, work as a Video Staff member for the Harry Potter Fansite, (one of the biggest and oldest Harry Potter sites on the web). I work with a video team to create Harry Potter related videos for social media. Videos range from fun fandom related things to news pieces. One of the larger projects I have worked on For MuggleNet is the Magic Fast 40 project in Spring 2017. Two girls gave up Harry Potter for lent. The girls filmed video confessionals and I edited them together, posting new videos every few days.
From 2012-2015 I worked as a video producer for Hashtag Studios. I developed content and produced live shows through Ustream and set the basis for social media video. I developed, shot and edited social media video and web shows. Most notably I created a food tasting show called “Aww Snack”
In 2012 I spent a semester studying at Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku in Osaka Japan. It was a dream come true. I learned so much about Japan, other cultures and myself.
2012 was a different time in technology, so my camera and editing software wasn’t that great, but I still managed to create some fun and great content! My Japanese apartment tour video remains my most viewed video to date, with over 200,000 views.