Two weeks ago Disney released it’s new live action Cinderella movie. My friends and I decided to go see it together because who doesn’t love a good princess movie? We went the Sunday after it premiered, so it was definitely crowded. The AMC theater we saw it at recently started doing assigned seating, which was a life saver. A few members of our group were a little late, so the assigned seating was a life saver! This is a new concept in my area, and it is a good one. No more sitting in the theater for 45 minutes to get a good seat! I hope more theaters adopt this concept.

Also, since one of my friends is part of the AMC theaters loyalty program she purchased my ticket (I paid her back obviously), so I could get the collectable pin! It’s really cute!

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But enough of the theater talk, what really matters is the movie!

I’m a good enough Disney fan, but the thing that drew me to this movie was the costumes! As a cosplayer and someone who just adores costumes in general, this movie was a must see. Just seeing Cinderella’s ball dress in the trailers was enough for me to want to see the movie.

Disney really pulled out all the stops on this one. Kenneth Branagh always makes gorgeous films, and Cinderella was no exception. The cinematography was brilliant and the colors were fantastic. It really gave off a “fairy tale” feel.

Cinderella is full of actors I recognized right off the bat and some who made me go “Oh that’s who that was!” Lily James, who I recognized right away as Rose from Downton Abbey,  does an excellent job as the film’s title character. She is elegant, sweet and feels just like the original version! Another actor who I recognized the second she opened her mouth was Sophie McShera (Daisy on Downton Abbey) who was the “ugly step-sister” Drisella. I’m used to her sweet and kind character on Downton Abbey so it was really refreshing to see her play someone with a complete opposite personality!

And then there was the Prince. The entire movie I couldn’t place where I knew him from. He was so handsome and completely charming and I just knew I had seen him some where else. Turns out the Prince is played by Richard Madden, the same actor who played my favorite Game of Thrones character, Robb Stark! I was kicking myself when I realized!

The story doesn’t deviate from the classic Disney animated film much at all. There are even mice friends and an angry cat! I’ve read a lot of people that are unhappy with how Cinderella is characterized. They say she is passive and doesn’t go and take anything for herself. I don’t think I agree with this sentiment. Ella has lost everyone she loves and now has to endure the abuse by her step mother but even though she has been living in this horrible environment, she still manages to find it in her hart to be a good person. A lot of the complaints I have seen are because she really doesn’t go after the prince; she kind of just sits there passively when the guards show up with the shoe and the mice make sure she is noticed. But Ella is perfectly fine with this. She had her magical night of fun and that’s all that really mattered to her. Getting the prince is just a bonus, really.

Overall, it’s a really fun movie. It’s beautiful to watch and would be a good movie to go out and see with your female friends! Definitely go see it if you can!

And of course my outfit for the day! I had Cinderella in my mind when picking out this outfit, so I picked a lot of blues!

CinderellaootdThe dress is a lightweight denim from Old Navy and I added the brown belt to tie in my trusty brown boots!


JK Rowling writes more Harry Potter!

I got some great news when I got home from work today. JK Rowling released somewhat of a short story about Harry Potter and his Pals!

The story was released in the form of a gossip column written by none other than the (in)famous Rita Skeeter.Through Pottermore, a site that’s purpose is to give fans little snippets of extended Harry Potter cannon, JK Rowling has been writing updates for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup (which coincides with the Soccer World Cup in Brazil).

Apparently today was the final match and some VIPs showed up: Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Neville, among others. Rita writes in a way only she could, about what Harry and the gang have been up to, and it’s fantastic.

You can read the whole thing over on Pottermore, but there are some parts that I really loved.

  • First that she tries to play up a cut on Harry’s face as some sort of domestic dispute between him and Ginny. In true Rita Skeeter fashion the assumptions are completely unfounded, and we’ll really never know if it was Ginny or it was due to Harry’s job as an Auror (which it probably was). Harry seems like he is a very private person, and probably wouldn’t tell Rita Skeeter anything anyway, but I like that he tries his best to keep to himself.
  • Rita mentions that Hermione is moving her way up quickly in the Ministry. Hermione Granger for Minister of Magic.
  • Teddy Lupin and Victorie Weasley just kissing everywhere. EVERYWHERE
  • Neville and his wife enjoying firewhiskey. Party it up Longbottoms. I bet Neville and Hannah throw the best parties.
  • Ron running the joke shop with George. Still a family business. Ron seems much more suited to this kind of work than fighting evil wizards. Ron, like his brothers, loves to laugh and is probably a people person so the joke shop is a good match for him.
  • Rita’s comment about Hermione’s hair. That made me laugh out loud.


I love getting things like this from JK Rowling. Harry Potter has always been a consent in my life, and probably in Rowling’s. Seems like she can’t leave it alone like I can’t. Having this story written from Rita Skeeters point of view just gives us a vague idea of the facts with a lot of speculation. And that’s kind of how I want my information about Harry and friends to be from now on. I’ve had my seven books of inside Harry’s head, and it’s nice to be out of it. I would really like to keep getting information about Harry and friends from “sources” like this: interviews, articles, or just outsiders.

And I swear to god JK Rowling. If on July 31st we don’t at least get a lengthy Pottermore entry about Dumbledore’s Army: The Darkside of the Demob I’m going to be….very disappointed.


Did you read the gossip column? What was your favorite part?