10 Movies a Month – March

I love watching movies and I try to see as many as possible. I’ve started doing this challenge where I watch 10 movies a month. They don’t necessarily have to be brand new movies, just movies I’ve never seen before. My success rate differs every month, but I “win” more often than I “fail.” Fair warning, Most of the movies I watched this month I didn’t like.

So here are the 10 movies I watched in March

1. Anna Karenina


This movie lost me very early on. I love period films, but this one just didn’t hold up. This is based on a famous Russian novel of the same name and stars Keira Knightly (one of my favorite actresses). It is about a woman who has an affair and the excitement of that. In the beginning it has a very distinctive style. It moves very quickly and feels like a play with lots of set changes. It loses this style half way through, but picks it back up at the end. Maybe this is to mirror Anna’s relationship: in the beginning starting an affair is very exciting and new and things happen so fast. But then trouble starts, and the “other man” gets bored of her and it slows down. It could be that, but the film overall didn’t keep my attention.


2. Belle


Another period film. The film is inspired by the painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle. Belle is an illegitimate mixed-race girl who is taken by her upper class, white father to her uncle’s home. There she grows up and struggles with her status: better than the slaves, yet not as good at the white people. In the film Belle helps contribute to the start of abolishing slavery in England. It seems like it should be interesting, and the trailers made it look very good, but this movie falls flat too. None of the characters are very compelling and it moves very slowly.


3. About Time


This movie surprised me. I had seem trailers for it while it was in theaters and it seemed good, but I didn’t hear much about it. I really liked this movie! It’s a time travel movie and probably filled with paradoxes, but if you take it as it is and don’t think about the time travel that much then it’s super enjoyable. This movie is all about making the most out of each day. It’s about family and love and how every moment is important. It’s a really beautiful movie and I recommend everyone go watch it!


4. Tristan and Isolde


I have zero to say about this movie, really. It was a star-crossed lovers type of story and incredibly boring.


5. Jupiter Ascending


I wanted to like this movie so much. It looked promising. An original scifi movie with lots of great world building and an interesting premise. They just tried to put too much into it. This would have benefitted from being a trilogy. There were so many ideas and so many things and plots in this movie that it went by way too fast. If you want something that is fun and packs a lot in then go for it, I just wished they had taken their time with it.


6. The Book Thief


I really don’t have much to say about this one either. I’ve probably just read and seen too many stories about World War II. I have not read the book that this movie is based on either. The one thing this movie had going for it was the different perspective. Most of the stories I’ve seen about World War II are from the perspective of the Jewish population. The Book Thief is about a girl growing up in Germany (I think her mother was Russian though). ¬†So it was interesting to see a story from that side of the war; the brainwashing, destroying of books etc.


7. Cinderella


This is Disney’s new live action Cinderella movie. I talked about the movie a lot in a previous post so I’ll just link to that so you can read all my thoughts on it. I really liked it!


8. Frequencies


THIS MOVIE. I loved this movie. I randomly picked this on Netflix to watch and I’m so happy I did! It’s a sort of alternate universe type thing, where people have frequencies attached to them, basically as a marker of their intelligence. It’s all about fate and destiny and over coming obstacles. Just go watch it. It’s amazing.


9. Parallels


This movie tricked me. It’s about a building that travels between alternate universes and versions of Earth. There is a brother sister pair who go to save their dad who has some connection to the building. After an hour and a half of boring stuff what looked like the main plot was coming and then it just ends. Turns out it’s just the beginning to a netflix series. So if the movie does well and people want more they will make more episodes. Boooo.


10. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Again. Nothing to say really. It was bad. So bad. The plot was weak and the acting was bad. Percy Jackson should have stayed books.

The Fault in Our Stars – Movie Review

Last Friday The Fault in Our Stars movie came out and oh boy.

I think to articulate my feelings correctly we have to start from the beginning. January 2012 is when the book The Fault in Our Stars came out. I had been watching Vlogbrothers (John Green and his brother Hank’s youtube channel) sporadically for a little bit. I’d heard so much about the book I picked it up on a whim (Ironically the same day John and Hank would be in my area on the book tour. I was attending another youtube related event the same night about an hour away).


I read the book in two days as Young Adult novels really only take me a day or two to read. Needless to say I was in tears by the end of it. I’m a cryer. I cry at everything. Sometimes Visa commercials make me cry. But The Fault in Our Stars is a severely sad story. It pulled at all of my heartstrings for a love that should have lasted years to be cut short and for the pain that the characters had to go through everyday because of their cancer. I think this book is what made me a Nerdfighter.


I recommended it to everyone I knew and I let my mom read my copy when she was looking for something to read. I even lent it to my mom’s friend. Everyone should read this book. I wouldn’t call it my favorite book, but it’s an important book that I think everyone should read.


The movie version came out last Friday so my mom and I went to see it on Sunday. I skipped out on the preview night and first night showings because I knew there would be a lot of “fangirl noise” and I wanted to experience the movie quietly.


The movie was fantastic. Not only was it a ridiculously faithful adaption of the book (almost line by line really), but it was just a good movie. There were a lot of really fun things about it. I especially liked the way they depicted text messages. The movie is about teenagers and teenagers like to text. There is a lot of texting in the book and the movie. The way the filmmakers handled the texting aspect of the story was really fun and fresh.


There were some things cut out of the movie, but it didn’t detract from the story or the feel of the movie like some other book to film adaptions¬†I’m looking at you Harry Potter. I’m not sure I’m completely sold on Shailene Woodly as an actress (I didn’t really care for her in Divergent), but she did a great job as Hazel. And Ansel Elgort played Augustus Waters beautifully, pretentious metaphors and all. Though I think my favorite was Nat Wolf as Isaac (I am ridiculously excited to see him as Q in Paper Towns).



The greatest thing about this movie (and the book) is how it shows people with chonic diseases and disabilities. It’s not wholly about Having Cancer. It’s about People who have cancer. Their lives and the struggles they go through to live and love and have a fulfilling life. It’s about love and leaving your mark, even if it’s just on a few people.


I think my mother and I both enjoyed the movie a lot. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would (but the tears were flowing), but it was a great way to spend the afternoon with my mother.