The Aquabats!

One of my favorite bands since high school has been The Aquabats.


Wait, you don’t know who The Aquabats are? You’re missing out. They are a super fun band from Orange County, CA. The main thing about The Aquabats is that they are super heroes. Yep. They make really fun music (ranging from Ska to Synthpop to Rock), have choreographed fight scenes during their concerts, and even a TV show!


Last weekend The Aquabats finally came back to my area on their 20th Anniversary tour. This was the third time I’ve seen them, and quite possibly my favorite. I went to the show with my boyfriend. Normally I’d go with my brother and sister, but seeing as they both live in different parts of the country from me, that was a no go. But it was cool to see one of my favorite bands with my boyfriend (actually one of the few same interests we have…but that’s for another post).

The MC Bat Commander

This show was a different experience than the rest. The Aquabats concerts normally have a rough crowd at them, surprisingly. Lots of mosh pits, crowd surfing, and general roughness. But since the band started their own TV show on a kids network (The HUB) there were quite a few kids around. Some of them up front, right near all of the pushing and jumping. There were a few issues, but mostly the kids seemed to have a good time.


The Aquabats are seriously one of the most fun bands around. They have silly songs like “Burger Rain” and “Magic Chicken” (which is about fried chicken, seriously). Their shows are so much fun and it’s a real treat when they come into town.


One really cool thing that happened was during a song called “Hey Homies!” There were pictures and videos of fans projected up onto the screen and the picture I had taken before the show was one of them! I kind of freaked out a little bit! I didn’t expect them to use a picture taken just an hour before the show! It was super awesome seeing that up there.

The picture that was used in the silde show!

I’m so glad I went to this show. There really isn’t anything like seeing one of your favorite bands live. Just letting loose, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing to your hearts content. I was sweaty , wet (The Bat Commander likes to throw water on the crowd which is nice because it gets hot in there), and exhausted but I was just so happy. That’s something I think a lot of people need. Just a night to let loose and enjoy themselves.

My boyfriend and I with the matching shirts we bought. We’re disgusting.

Have you seen your favorite band live?