The Midnight Star – Marie Lu Book Signing

Despite living right outside the Nation’s capital, nothing really happens here. I’m talking book tours, limited release movies, or pop culture events. This is why I always jump at the chance for anything remotely exciting. Luckily, My city was a stop on The Midnight Star book tour!

For the past month I have been devouring The Young Elites, a book series by Marie Lu. The Young Elites is a young adult series about teenagers who have X-Men-like powers set in something that reminds me vaguely of the Italian Renaissance. The series is really interesting; dealing with villains and darkness. I timed my reading of this series perfectly; the third and final book in the series, The Midnight Star, was released on October 11th.

The Young Elites

The author of the series, Marie Lu, was doing a book tour and to my surprise, one of the stops was in my town! I cleared my schedule so I could make it because, like I said, nothing really happens here. Before the event, I raced to finish the second book, The Rose Society. I ended up finishing the book the night before the event (while I was at work. Don’t worry, it was only during my breaks).

It was shocking to see how many people showed up at the event. It was no Harry Potter release party, but there were still a fair number of people there. I felt really out of place since most of the people there seemed to be high school or college students. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an adult who is a fan of YA. It really warmed my heart to see so many “young people” to be so excited about a new book. I think the media tries to paint this picture of young people as a generation that is always stuck to their phones and not caring about anything “intellectual,” like reading. An event like this really showed that teens and other young people are still interested in books and reading.

The event was basically a Q&A with the author. She talked about her original version of the Young Elites, her writing process, and inspirations she had for this series and her other books. Ms. Lu read us a description of what she originally planned for The Young Elites. The roles were changed, but a lot of the names were the same. I am starting to work more on creative writing, so hearing about how much this series grew and developed before it was published was really inspiring.

After the Q&A, it was time for the signing. I was in the first group so it went by quickly. I brought along my copies of The Young Elites and The Rose Society to get signed along with my freshly purchased copy of The Midnight Star. The girl in front of me had a very heart warming melt down in front of Ms. Lu. She basically told Ms. Lu how much she loves her and her books. Then she proceeded to cry and take a picture. I felt a connection with that girl because I’ve totally been there.

Then it was my turn. I basically told Ms. Lu that I really like this series even though I started reading it recently. She said she was happy to hear that. Ms. Lu also told me how much she loved my hair and fashion style. I did an internal hair flip at that compliment. We took a picture together and I was on my way.

With Marie Lu

I love events like this. It’s so rare that I get to go to a book signing. There are still many more authors that I would like to meet!

Definitely pick up The Young Elites series if you haven’t!