Room Tour!

Today on youtube I released a video showcasing my bedroom! I’ve been working really hard on it for the past year to make it a space that reflects my personality. My sister moved out a year ago, so I took the opportunity to take over her room (it’s bigger than my old one). I cleared out a lot of my stuff, picked paint, got a new bed, and made a space that is uniquely me!

Below is the video that shows the whole room, but this post is going to detail a few things in my room!



File Apr 02, 12 21 11 PMMy favorite Disney movie is Tangled. It’s just so beautiful! One of my favorite pieces of imagery was the sun pennants that hung around the town on Rapunzel’s birthday. I’ve always wanted something like that in my room, so why not make my own? I made these myself. I swed up some triangles and found a template for the sun online. I just used acrylic paint on them and strung them up on some ribbon. It was a really fun and quick project to do!


2. Unicorno

File Apr 02, 12 22 16 PM

I am obsessed with TokiDoki’s Unicorno blind boxes! They are all super cute vinyl figures that I can’t get enough of! I’ve had some good luck and some bad luck with them (I’ve gotten three of the pink ones before), but I just can’t stop collecting them. They are slowly taking over one of my “toy shelves”


3. Troubleman

File Apr 02, 12 21 37 PM

This poster is super special to me. The poster is from a screening of a Japanese show called “Troubleman” that happened in NYC a few years ago. I went to the screening because the show stars my favorite Japanese celebrity, Kato Shigeaki. I met up with a bunch of friends in NYC and we went together. One of my friends and I asked some of the people running the event if we could have the posters after it was over. When the lady found out that I came all the way from Virginia to see the screening, she took my picture with the poster and sent it to the show producer! There is a very high chance that Shigeaki saw my picture! So this poster represents a lot to me, especially a super fun weekend with friends!

5. Bedspread


I am in love wit this bedspread! It’s got bright colors and a sort of galaxy them too it, and I can’t get enough of galaxy themed things! I got it from Urban Outfitters, but it is from Deny. It’s a queen size and super comfortable. I think the only downside is that it gets a little dirty sometimes. It probably just looks like that because it is a light color.

6. TV


This TV is different than the one in the video, because it’s new! It’s 32 inch 4K tv and super nice! It sits at the end of my bed so I can watch netflix in bed! Also on the shelf it sits on is my Fennekin plush and my wand from the Harry Potter theme park. I put two small posters of my favorite Japanese boy band, NEWS, to cover up the ugly back of my shelf. (The band has lost a few members over the years. I swear its the same group of boys).