A Kawaii Halloween – BEDD 1

Alright. No question about it, I’m horrible at blogging. So let’s bring a Challenge into this little blog of mine! Introducing BEDD (Blog Every Day in December). That’s right, I’m going to be posting every day in the month of December.

To start this month of blogging out, let’s go all the way back to October and Halloween.

October is one of my favorite months. Maybe it’s because the leaves start to change colors, or that the weather starts to get cooler, or maybe it’s the air of spookiness the month has because of Halloween. It’s probably the spookiness.

I love Halloween. As a cosplayer, it’s like a dream come true. A holiday where it’s “acceptable” to dress up? Give it to me. I probably take it way too seriously. I don’t always take out the the big guns on Halloween, but I always put in a lot of effort to my halloween costume.

This year’s Halloween comes to you in three parts.

Part 1 – Kawaii witch at work

I work in retail and we were encouraged to dress up for Halloween. Thankfully, I worked during the day so my night was free. I decided to wear a witch costume I made a few years ago in college. I wasn’t a spooky witch, but a cute one.

I made most of this outfit except for the hat. The skirt is made out of different types of tulle and mesh fabrics. There is a long layer of black and purple sparkly fabric that is a little hard to see in the picture, but it’s really cute! The shirt is just a knit shirt I threw together in my dorm room. It’s off the shoulder with half sleeves. I cut some spikes into the sleeves to make it more “witchy.” To amp up the cuteness I added my purple pastel wig and my Hello Kitty creepers from TUK Footwear. My accessories are from various places but mostly from Magical Tea Time and Non Dairy Confectionary.


Part 2 – Korilakkuma Kigu

After work I went to go hang out with my boyfriend for the night. I didn’t feel like wearing the witch costume, so I just threw on my Korilakkuma Kigurumi. I kept all the accessories and shoes the same. It was ultra comfy and ultra cute. We went out to dinner and then kind of just, roamed around the mall for a while. Some lady tried to take my picture with out asking and I just kind of walked away. I find that kind of action to be super rude. Just ask me and I’ll give you a cute pose.



Part 3 – Doctor! Doctor!

The sunday after Halloween my friend had a Halloween party. I knew the party would be full of nerds so I went as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who, and while 11 isn’t my favorite Doctor, he is the one that I had the most stuff for. My dad bought me a fez while he was in Jordan so I threw that on on a whim. I worked really hard to get my bangs to look like Matt Smith’s floppy bangs.

The party was really fun! I got to see friends that I don’t see often enough. we played Donkey Kong Jenga (which is way more stressful than it seems), ate some good food and played Mario Kart! Everyone loved my Doctor costume too! Nothing like a party full of nerds!


I didn’t go out and have some wild Halloween party, but It was still a good time! Halloween sometimes is difficult as an adult. You want to do something, but trick or treating isn’t really an option and if you’re not into the bar scene then it’s a little difficult to find something to do. But as long as you’ve got a cute costume and good friends I think Halloween can be a blast!