ONE OK ROCK – Philadelphia, PA

It’s another concert post! I am extremely grateful to have been able to see two of my favorite bands, two weeks in a row!

This time I went to go see Japanese Rock band, ONE OK ROCK! I did a bit of traveling for this show too! It was in Philadelphia, so a bunch of friends and I all piled into a minivan and made the 3 hour trip to Philly.

We stayed in a hotel outside of the city (because it was cheaper) and our local friend met up with us and we took the train in. The show was at the Trocadero Theater in the Chinatown area of the city, so we stayed around there.

Tiffany, our local friend, took us for some chinese food. I had some Soy Chicken and Rice. It was delicious. We also had some duck, but it was really fatty and because of my diet I can’t eat really fatty foods. No duck for me.


After we filled up on chinese, we went to go get some bubble tea and stand in line for the concert. The bubble tea was really good. Normally when I have bubble tea it’s in smoothie form, so I’ve never had it in the “regular” way. It was really delicious! I just had the black milk tea (or this shop’s “original” flavor). The shop was called Tea Magic, it was small but seemed really popular. The bubble tea was definitely a good treat on a day where the sun was shining and we were standing outside for a long time.




Standing in line wasn’t too bad. My friends and I took a lot of pictures of each other (we must have seemed a bit annoying to others, but whatever). And after maybe an hour or two of waiting we got to go in! TheĀ e Trocadero Theater is a kind of small venue. There is the pit and then there is a balcony with an awesome view. Originally I wanted to to stay in the pit and my friends went upstairs, but it became crowded and a bit claustrophobic so I went to join them upstairs. It was a good decision. You could see the entire stage and it was comfortable.


ONE OK ROCK is an amazing band and it’s worth going to see them live. So worth it! This is actually the second time I’ve seen this band perform, the first being earlier this year in NYC. They played the same set, but it was still really good. My favorite song of theirs is Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. Of course they played that song! I really recommend going to see ONE OK ROCK. They use a lot of English in their songs, despite being a Japanese band (sometimes half or most of a song will be in english). They are going to be on the Vans Warped Tour this year so that will be a really great opportunity to see them!


As for what I wore to the concert, I kept it simple. We were traveling before hand and I didn’t know how much time we’d have to change so I wore something that was cool but also comfortable to travel in.



My shirt is from a shop in Japan called Spinns and I threw on a pair of acid wash jeans from Forever21.

Purple Spring Stars

Saturday I went out to lunch and to the movies with my boyfriend, Ryan. It was warmer than it has been so I decided to wear my new dress!

We ate at this really nice alehouse called Dogfish Head. The food was so good! I had a Ruben that tasted so fresh. I hear they have really good beer, but unfortunately I’m not much of a beer drinker.

The movie we saw was Divergent. I read the book a while ago and wasn’t immensely impressed, but I felt like I had to go see the movie. Gotta compare right? I felt the same way about the movie that I did the book. It was okay, but nothing too original or ground breaking.

I got this dress at Forever 21 on sale earlier in the week. It’s super cute and fits like a dream. Somehow I feel like the size is marked wrong because it fits so well. It’s not too loose, but it’s also not skin tight, which is ideal for this kind of dress.

I set the theme around purple. I wanted to break up all the black with some color. I’ve been kind of loving purple lately so I mixed in a lot of different shades of purple.


I had a lot of fun with this outfit. The denim vest is from a store in Japan called Spinns (which is my favorite store in the world. I’ll have to talk about Spinns some other time). The purse is from Icing and a really handy purse! It’s got a lot of room in the main pocket and it also has side pockets to put all of the things you don’t really need (I normally keep cough drops and medicine in those pockets).


For accessories I wore some of my favorite rings. The crown one I got at an anime convention last year and sadly I can’t remember the shop name. The heart one, however, is from a shop owned by my friend Sara, Non-Dairy Confectionary. I also wore a cute cookie styled necklace that said “Eat Me” I forgot to photograph that part.


Also a thing I did recently was dye my hair! I put a stripe of green in my hair just for kicks. It’s semi-permanent dye so it’ll wash out soon, but it’s fun and I needed some sort of change!


I had a fun Saturday and I hope there are more warm days soon! I’m tired of sweaters and pants!