Last weekend I went to Katsucon! Katsucon is an anime convention at the Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland. This is one of my favorite conventions, probably because the venue is just so gorgeous! Seriously, Katsucon is any cosplayer’s photoshoot dream. I’ve been going to Katsucon for years and it’s always been a good time. It’s been great to see this convention grow to what it is now.

I attended the convention for all three days. Unfortunately, the room I stayed in didn’t have the fantastic atrium view, but honesty that isn’t important. I actually arrived on Thursday for a few hours to pick up my badge. My boyfriend came with me to keep me company. We stood in line for about an hour and a half (which was honestly very short compared to the line people experienced on Friday). Then we stopped off to say hi to some friends and then went home. A lot of people arrive on Thursday to pick up their badges, I never stay overnight on Thursday though.

Friday started off the weekend! I got to the convention around 10am because I wanted to catch my friend’s panel. She did a panel on beginning cosplay advice. She is a lot of fun so the panel was great. She’s also semi-cosplay famous so afterwards we had to wait for her to finish taking pictures with everyone. It’s really great to see such an old and good friend be recognized for the work she does!


My costume for Friday was Daphne from Scooby Doo. My favorite show as a kid was Scooby Doo so this cosplay was a dream come true! My friend also dressed as Velma with me. It was so much fun running around with her. So many people took our picture and told us we were adorable. Honestly this was probably my most popular costume. In the evening I went to dinner with some of my old friends. We ate at a restaurant in the National Harbor called Redstone Grill. A lot of the restaurants in the Harbor are expensive, but this was on moderately priced. The food was good, but they mixed up my order so I had to wait a little longer than my friends to eat.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with friends and then waiting for everyone in my room to quiet down so I could make final edits on my panel for the next morning.

Saturday morning I woke up early because I had to present a panel at 10am! The panel was on male Japanese idols (or boybands). The panel was a lot of fun. I had a very small turn out; seven people total (two of which were friends). But it was fun to present. I showed a really fun video at the end which was great to watch with everyone. One of the girls who showed up subscribes to my youtube channel! That made me so happy! I have a very small audience so any time I get to meet anyone fills me with happiness!

The rest of Saturday I wore my Astrid costume from Anime USA. Lots of people really liked it even though I didn’t get many pictures. The costume was so warm though! In the evening my friend and I went outside to get away from the warmth (there were so many people in the convention center it was really warm). We went and took some pictures on my phone, which was fun. I also recorded a special episode of my podcast! It’ll be out next week, but it was tons of fun!


Saturday night is when we had our real party. We changed into our Kigurumis (or animal PJs) and drank, ate and talked. It was a lot of fun. We went and walked around the convention, seeing a bit of the Uzuhi concert, the artists alley, and a few other things. Even later at night there are lots of people around!


Sunday was the last day and honestly I didn’t have the greatest day. I wasn’t hungover the the pervious night, but I think it put me in a bad mood. It took us a while to get our stuff together to check out and eventually get out of the hotel. My friends and I ate at the restaurant in the hotel. Then we walked around the dealer’s room and artists alley. I couldn’t really find much to buy though. I wasn’t in the best mood so I left around 2pm.

I think overall it was a good convention. I saw a lot of friends I never really get to see and I saw some internet friends too! That’s one of the things I really like about conventions; seeing people you never see and catching up.

As for what I bought, I didn’t get that much. I go a really cute necklace from my friend at Non-Dairy Confectionary and an Alpacasso plush. I have two other Alpaca plushes, but neither of them are the real Amuse Alpacasso brand. But I finally got one! I got the male version of the Antique series. I named him Fitzwilliam. I thought that was a fitting name.