Meeting Famous People – BEDD 2

I missed one day, but that’s okay. We’re not going to take this challenge TOO seriously.

Everyone dreams of meeting their favorite celebrity. Just a picture and little bit of chit chat is fine but for some people they have bigger dreams of becoming BFFs. I think I’m fine with a picture and some chit chat.

I haven’t met too many “famous people” before. I bought VIP tickets to a Big Time Rush concert once and got to take a photo with them. I’ve also gotten a book signed by John Green. And then a few youtubers of varying degrees of popularity. But I think that’s as far as my “famous people” list goes. Well until last week. Two days in a row I got to meet “celebrities.”

The first day Nathan Kress (who you may know as Freddie from iCarly) was signing autographs at my mall for some reason. Even though I’m out of the show’s “target audience” I still watched the show and enjoyed it a lot. I couldn’t give up an opportunity to meet Freddie, now could I??? I got an autograph and talked to him a bit about music (Bastille especially) and then snapped a picture. It came out super cute!


The next day was a big deal to me. One of my favorite authors is Rainbow Rowell. She wrote Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. Both books which I adore. She has two other books but I haven’t finished them yet. Eleanor & Park is beautiful, but it’s Fangirl that gets me. I’ve never felt more connected to a book than Fangirl. No not even Harry Potter. I feel like this book is part of me.

That’s why the day I met Rainbow Rowell was such a big deal to me. She was participating in an event at a bookstore in DC (Politics & Prose) with a few other YA authors. I was lucky enough to have the night off of work so I spent forever getting there on public transportation when I probably could have just driven. I couldn’t miss this.

The discussion that took place was very funny and interesting. I know that sounds super…general, but that’s what it was. Each of the authors read from their newest books and answered questions from the audience. It was a really intimate setting, everyone crammed into the children’s section in the basement of a bookstore.

Then we got to have our books signed. I was a freakin mess. I was by myself so I had no one to really vent to. I was scared I was going to cry all over Rainbow and…I did. I don’t know why I was crying, but I was. I told her that Fangirl was such an important book to me and that I loved it. All while crying. I’ve never had that kind of reaction to meeting anyone before. She was very sweet and we got a picture together too.


Meeting people who are “famous” is a weird thing. Sometimes I think about why I want to meet these people. I mean meeting Rainbow Rowell was something that was special to me. I wanted to tell her that I loved her book and how much it meant to me. That makes sense. But why meet Nathan Kress? I enjoyed the show he was on, but it didn’t move me or change my life at all.

Maybe it comes from strange desire to be noticed. Like needing people who are noticed by many to notice me, even if it’s for a few seconds. Or maybe bragging rights? So I can write a blog post about how I met that dude from iCarly.

I’m not really sure, but both of these instances, while very different, were very much fun!


Have you ever met anyone famous?

A Kawaii Halloween – BEDD 1

Alright. No question about it, I’m horrible at blogging. So let’s bring a Challenge into this little blog of mine! Introducing BEDD (Blog Every Day in December). That’s right, I’m going to be posting every day in the month of December.

To start this month of blogging out, let’s go all the way back to October and Halloween.

October is one of my favorite months. Maybe it’s because the leaves start to change colors, or that the weather starts to get cooler, or maybe it’s the air of spookiness the month has because of Halloween. It’s probably the spookiness.

I love Halloween. As a cosplayer, it’s like a dream come true. A holiday where it’s “acceptable” to dress up? Give it to me. I probably take it way too seriously. I don’t always take out the the big guns on Halloween, but I always put in a lot of effort to my halloween costume.

This year’s Halloween comes to you in three parts.

Part 1 – Kawaii witch at work

I work in retail and we were encouraged to dress up for Halloween. Thankfully, I worked during the day so my night was free. I decided to wear a witch costume I made a few years ago in college. I wasn’t a spooky witch, but a cute one.

I made most of this outfit except for the hat. The skirt is made out of different types of tulle and mesh fabrics. There is a long layer of black and purple sparkly fabric that is a little hard to see in the picture, but it’s really cute! The shirt is just a knit shirt I threw together in my dorm room. It’s off the shoulder with half sleeves. I cut some spikes into the sleeves to make it more “witchy.” To amp up the cuteness I added my purple pastel wig and my Hello Kitty creepers from TUK Footwear. My accessories are from various places but mostly from Magical Tea Time and Non Dairy Confectionary.


Part 2 – Korilakkuma Kigu

After work I went to go hang out with my boyfriend for the night. I didn’t feel like wearing the witch costume, so I just threw on my Korilakkuma Kigurumi. I kept all the accessories and shoes the same. It was ultra comfy and ultra cute. We went out to dinner and then kind of just, roamed around the mall for a while. Some lady tried to take my picture with out asking and I just kind of walked away. I find that kind of action to be super rude. Just ask me and I’ll give you a cute pose.



Part 3 – Doctor! Doctor!

The sunday after Halloween my friend had a Halloween party. I knew the party would be full of nerds so I went as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who, and while 11 isn’t my favorite Doctor, he is the one that I had the most stuff for. My dad bought me a fez while he was in Jordan so I threw that on on a whim. I worked really hard to get my bangs to look like Matt Smith’s floppy bangs.

The party was really fun! I got to see friends that I don’t see often enough. we played Donkey Kong Jenga (which is way more stressful than it seems), ate some good food and played Mario Kart! Everyone loved my Doctor costume too! Nothing like a party full of nerds!


I didn’t go out and have some wild Halloween party, but It was still a good time! Halloween sometimes is difficult as an adult. You want to do something, but trick or treating isn’t really an option and if you’re not into the bar scene then it’s a little difficult to find something to do. But as long as you’ve got a cute costume and good friends I think Halloween can be a blast!

Anime USA!

Wow. It’s been a really long time since I updated. This is the perfect time to start blogging again. Last weekend I went to Anime USA!

Anime USA was the first anime convention I went to way back in 2003. I haven’t been back for a few years, so it was nice to return. AUSA was in Washington DC this year right near the zoo. It was October 3-5th.

I had big plans for this convention. On Saturday I was entering the Hall Costume Contest for the first time with a costume I had been working on for months.

Friday was kind of a short day at the convention. I picked my boyfriend, Ryan, up from work around 3 and then we drove to DC. I actually hate driving in big cities, but because my costume was stored in a big box and had a lot of delicate parts, I chose to drive. It wasn’t that bad, except for the part where our parking garage was almost a mile from our hotel (had to pick something that was cheaper than the hotel parking).

Friday I cosplayed at Minako Aino (Sailor Venus), Summer school uniform. I felt so stereotypically anime that day! I think it was the combination of cosplaying such a classic character and the Japanese school uniform. This was my first time making a costume like this but I think it turned out well!

My nice camera died when trying to take a decent shot, so all I have is this awkward iphone picture.


Friday we just kind of got the lay out of the convention and saw what was going on. I did buy a Korirakkuma Kigurumi so that was fantastic! We also saw a screening of a documentary about some Sailor Moon cosplayers that was really great. It is called “In the Name of the Moon” and you can find them on facebook!


Saturday was the big cosplay day! I wore Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. I have been working on this costume since about July and I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever made. I am so proud of it. I entered into the Hall Costume Contest in the Novice category, but I didn’t win anything. I’m okay with that though because the response to the costume was so great. I got so many compliments from friends and strangers. After the awards ceremony for the contest the girl who won the Master category came up to me and told me how much she loved my costume. She told me it was perfect and was hoping that I wasn’t competing against her. She was so sweet she made me cry. I wish I remembered her name so I could find her online and thank her.


My costume did kind of fall apart throughout the day. I had to go back to my room and glue on the spikes because they kept falling off. Even then the super glue didn’t have enough time to properly cure so if I hit anything they would fall off. But I am extremely proud of this costume and will probably bring it to Katsucon! (Also I might make another post with details on how I made it and everything).


One of the awesome things at AUSA was their game room! They had a lot of cool rhythm games. My favorite was the Taiko drum game. I got to play to some Jpop songs that I really love so that was really really fun! Most of the panels we saw were sort of lackluster and we only stayed for part of them. On Sunday we went to a panel on pattern mixing and that was the best panel we saw all weekend. But that was also hosted by one of the featured guests, so of course the quality was better.


Sunday was a sort of chill day. I bought the rest of the things I wanted; that was the main goal for the day.










So this is everything I bought! Lots of Kawaii jewelry! A necklace and bracelet from Magical Tea Time, star hair clips and ring from Twy Lite Fashion. I think I went a little crazy with the Rilakkuma things. Along with the Kigu, I also got a Korirakkuma hat and a Rilakkuma phone case! I also picked up some strawberry and melon flavored Ramune. I was hoping the Melon Flavor one would taste like Japanese Melon Soda, but it didn’t. Eternally sad. I haven’t had the strawberry one yet.

Overall, I had a great time at Anime USA! I wish I could have seen more of my friends, but it’s alright. I hope I can go back next year!

JK Rowling writes more Harry Potter!

I got some great news when I got home from work today. JK Rowling released somewhat of a short story about Harry Potter and his Pals!

The story was released in the form of a gossip column written by none other than the (in)famous Rita Skeeter.Through Pottermore, a site that’s purpose is to give fans little snippets of extended Harry Potter cannon, JK Rowling has been writing updates for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup (which coincides with the Soccer World Cup in Brazil).

Apparently today was the final match and some VIPs showed up: Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Luna, and Neville, among others. Rita writes in a way only she could, about what Harry and the gang have been up to, and it’s fantastic.

You can read the whole thing over on Pottermore, but there are some parts that I really loved.

  • First that she tries to play up a cut on Harry’s face as some sort of domestic dispute between him and Ginny. In true Rita Skeeter fashion the assumptions are completely unfounded, and we’ll really never know if it was Ginny or it was due to Harry’s job as an Auror (which it probably was). Harry seems like he is a very private person, and probably wouldn’t tell Rita Skeeter anything anyway, but I like that he tries his best to keep to himself.
  • Rita mentions that Hermione is moving her way up quickly in the Ministry. Hermione Granger for Minister of Magic.
  • Teddy Lupin and Victorie Weasley just kissing everywhere. EVERYWHERE
  • Neville and his wife enjoying firewhiskey. Party it up Longbottoms. I bet Neville and Hannah throw the best parties.
  • Ron running the joke shop with George. Still a family business. Ron seems much more suited to this kind of work than fighting evil wizards. Ron, like his brothers, loves to laugh and is probably a people person so the joke shop is a good match for him.
  • Rita’s comment about Hermione’s hair. That made me laugh out loud.


I love getting things like this from JK Rowling. Harry Potter has always been a consent in my life, and probably in Rowling’s. Seems like she can’t leave it alone like I can’t. Having this story written from Rita Skeeters point of view just gives us a vague idea of the facts with a lot of speculation. And that’s kind of how I want my information about Harry and friends to be from now on. I’ve had my seven books of inside Harry’s head, and it’s nice to be out of it. I would really like to keep getting information about Harry and friends from “sources” like this: interviews, articles, or just outsiders.

And I swear to god JK Rowling. If on July 31st we don’t at least get a lengthy Pottermore entry about Dumbledore’s Army: The Darkside of the Demob I’m going to be….very disappointed.


Did you read the gossip column? What was your favorite part?

Moon Prism Power! Make up!

Magical Girls rejoice! Sailor Moon Crystal has finally started!

For as long as I can remember I have loved magical girl anime. It’s such an appealing genre; cute girls, magic, buttkicking, romance, friendship and awesome ladies. What more could you want?

Sailor Moon is probably the most iconic of the magical girl anime. It has a legacy of 20 years and it shows no sign of stopping, especially with the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, that premiered this past weekend.


I used to watch Sailor Moon as a kid when it first aired on TV in the US. I don’t remember how much of it I actually watched (I could have been for only a short time since I remember not having many TV channels as a kid). Though I do remember being super excited when my friend let me borrow one of her Sailor Moon VHS’ in 5th grade and renting the Sailor Moon R and Super S movies many times. I might not have very vivid memories of it, but it’s there.

For the 20th Anniversary of this iconic series, creator Nakao Takeuchi has finally released her iron grip on the series. After a horrible english dubbed adaption, Takeuchi swore never to let the series be released in English again. Fortunately, she’s become a bit more accomidating recently.  The series is being rereleased in the US and around the world in via the Internet. Currently the episodes are only in Japanese, but an English language dub is being released at a later date, and completely void of name changes, changes to sexuality and even gender. Plus the unreleased in the US 5th season Sailor Stars will finally be released in the US!

Tell me this isn’t a dream come true. But it gets better. So much better. A new Sailor Moon Series has been made, Sailor Moon Crystal. This is a remake of the original series, rather than a continuation. SMC will follow the original manga much more closely and much shorter. The best part? It’s being released on the internet with subtitles in tons of different languages!

As a biweekly series, the first episode has already aired. I couldn’t be happier with it honestly.

As far as content goes, pretty much every incarnation of Sailor Moon has the same first episode. That’s actually quite reassuring.Everything starts the same.

I’m just going to say it here: I love the art style. There are a few things I don’t like, such as Usagi’s eyes (they look a bit dead don’t they?), but overall it’s just amazing. It really gives off that romantic shojou feel. There are flower frames, light spheres and starry backgrounds. It’s everything I love about shojou manga in motion.


Usagi’s hair is one of my favorite parts. In the original anime Usagi’s twin tails are very rigid, but in Crystal, they flow freely in the wind and it’s beautiful. The whole show just has a very soft and floaty feel to it. It just makes me feel nice watching it.

The 3D animated transformation sequence will take some getting used to. I always feel like that kind of animation mixed with the 2D just feels a bit out of place. But it’s the transformation sequence, so we’ll be seeing it a million times, I’ll probably get used to it.


Also, can we talk about how awesome that theme song is? I’m a little sad that it’s not Moonlight Densetsu, but the new song is all about girl power, and sticking together. It’s just everything Sailor Moon stands for.

I’m so excited to see the rest of this series! My favorite Senshi is Sailor Venus, and even though there was a lot of Sailor V, it will be a while until Aino Minako shows up. I’m super sad that new episodes will only air biweekly!

You can watch new episodes subtitled in English on Hulu! For Free!

Do you like Sailor Moon? Have you seen Sailor Moon Crystal? Who is your favorite Senshi? Let me know in the comments!

The Fault in Our Stars – Movie Review

Last Friday The Fault in Our Stars movie came out and oh boy.

I think to articulate my feelings correctly we have to start from the beginning. January 2012 is when the book The Fault in Our Stars came out. I had been watching Vlogbrothers (John Green and his brother Hank’s youtube channel) sporadically for a little bit. I’d heard so much about the book I picked it up on a whim (Ironically the same day John and Hank would be in my area on the book tour. I was attending another youtube related event the same night about an hour away).


I read the book in two days as Young Adult novels really only take me a day or two to read. Needless to say I was in tears by the end of it. I’m a cryer. I cry at everything. Sometimes Visa commercials make me cry. But The Fault in Our Stars is a severely sad story. It pulled at all of my heartstrings for a love that should have lasted years to be cut short and for the pain that the characters had to go through everyday because of their cancer. I think this book is what made me a Nerdfighter.


I recommended it to everyone I knew and I let my mom read my copy when she was looking for something to read. I even lent it to my mom’s friend. Everyone should read this book. I wouldn’t call it my favorite book, but it’s an important book that I think everyone should read.


The movie version came out last Friday so my mom and I went to see it on Sunday. I skipped out on the preview night and first night showings because I knew there would be a lot of “fangirl noise” and I wanted to experience the movie quietly.


The movie was fantastic. Not only was it a ridiculously faithful adaption of the book (almost line by line really), but it was just a good movie. There were a lot of really fun things about it. I especially liked the way they depicted text messages. The movie is about teenagers and teenagers like to text. There is a lot of texting in the book and the movie. The way the filmmakers handled the texting aspect of the story was really fun and fresh.


There were some things cut out of the movie, but it didn’t detract from the story or the feel of the movie like some other book to film adaptions I’m looking at you Harry Potter. I’m not sure I’m completely sold on Shailene Woodly as an actress (I didn’t really care for her in Divergent), but she did a great job as Hazel. And Ansel Elgort played Augustus Waters beautifully, pretentious metaphors and all. Though I think my favorite was Nat Wolf as Isaac (I am ridiculously excited to see him as Q in Paper Towns).



The greatest thing about this movie (and the book) is how it shows people with chonic diseases and disabilities. It’s not wholly about Having Cancer. It’s about People who have cancer. Their lives and the struggles they go through to live and love and have a fulfilling life. It’s about love and leaving your mark, even if it’s just on a few people.


I think my mother and I both enjoyed the movie a lot. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would (but the tears were flowing), but it was a great way to spend the afternoon with my mother.



ONE OK ROCK – Philadelphia, PA

It’s another concert post! I am extremely grateful to have been able to see two of my favorite bands, two weeks in a row!

This time I went to go see Japanese Rock band, ONE OK ROCK! I did a bit of traveling for this show too! It was in Philadelphia, so a bunch of friends and I all piled into a minivan and made the 3 hour trip to Philly.

We stayed in a hotel outside of the city (because it was cheaper) and our local friend met up with us and we took the train in. The show was at the Trocadero Theater in the Chinatown area of the city, so we stayed around there.

Tiffany, our local friend, took us for some chinese food. I had some Soy Chicken and Rice. It was delicious. We also had some duck, but it was really fatty and because of my diet I can’t eat really fatty foods. No duck for me.


After we filled up on chinese, we went to go get some bubble tea and stand in line for the concert. The bubble tea was really good. Normally when I have bubble tea it’s in smoothie form, so I’ve never had it in the “regular” way. It was really delicious! I just had the black milk tea (or this shop’s “original” flavor). The shop was called Tea Magic, it was small but seemed really popular. The bubble tea was definitely a good treat on a day where the sun was shining and we were standing outside for a long time.




Standing in line wasn’t too bad. My friends and I took a lot of pictures of each other (we must have seemed a bit annoying to others, but whatever). And after maybe an hour or two of waiting we got to go in! The e Trocadero Theater is a kind of small venue. There is the pit and then there is a balcony with an awesome view. Originally I wanted to to stay in the pit and my friends went upstairs, but it became crowded and a bit claustrophobic so I went to join them upstairs. It was a good decision. You could see the entire stage and it was comfortable.


ONE OK ROCK is an amazing band and it’s worth going to see them live. So worth it! This is actually the second time I’ve seen this band perform, the first being earlier this year in NYC. They played the same set, but it was still really good. My favorite song of theirs is Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. Of course they played that song! I really recommend going to see ONE OK ROCK. They use a lot of English in their songs, despite being a Japanese band (sometimes half or most of a song will be in english). They are going to be on the Vans Warped Tour this year so that will be a really great opportunity to see them!


As for what I wore to the concert, I kept it simple. We were traveling before hand and I didn’t know how much time we’d have to change so I wore something that was cool but also comfortable to travel in.



My shirt is from a shop in Japan called Spinns and I threw on a pair of acid wash jeans from Forever21.

The Aquabats!

One of my favorite bands since high school has been The Aquabats.


Wait, you don’t know who The Aquabats are? You’re missing out. They are a super fun band from Orange County, CA. The main thing about The Aquabats is that they are super heroes. Yep. They make really fun music (ranging from Ska to Synthpop to Rock), have choreographed fight scenes during their concerts, and even a TV show!


Last weekend The Aquabats finally came back to my area on their 20th Anniversary tour. This was the third time I’ve seen them, and quite possibly my favorite. I went to the show with my boyfriend. Normally I’d go with my brother and sister, but seeing as they both live in different parts of the country from me, that was a no go. But it was cool to see one of my favorite bands with my boyfriend (actually one of the few same interests we have…but that’s for another post).

The MC Bat Commander

This show was a different experience than the rest. The Aquabats concerts normally have a rough crowd at them, surprisingly. Lots of mosh pits, crowd surfing, and general roughness. But since the band started their own TV show on a kids network (The HUB) there were quite a few kids around. Some of them up front, right near all of the pushing and jumping. There were a few issues, but mostly the kids seemed to have a good time.


The Aquabats are seriously one of the most fun bands around. They have silly songs like “Burger Rain” and “Magic Chicken” (which is about fried chicken, seriously). Their shows are so much fun and it’s a real treat when they come into town.


One really cool thing that happened was during a song called “Hey Homies!” There were pictures and videos of fans projected up onto the screen and the picture I had taken before the show was one of them! I kind of freaked out a little bit! I didn’t expect them to use a picture taken just an hour before the show! It was super awesome seeing that up there.

The picture that was used in the silde show!

I’m so glad I went to this show. There really isn’t anything like seeing one of your favorite bands live. Just letting loose, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing to your hearts content. I was sweaty , wet (The Bat Commander likes to throw water on the crowd which is nice because it gets hot in there), and exhausted but I was just so happy. That’s something I think a lot of people need. Just a night to let loose and enjoy themselves.

My boyfriend and I with the matching shirts we bought. We’re disgusting.

Have you seen your favorite band live?

Modcloth Stylish Surprise!

I’ve spent who knows how long I’ve spent drooling over all of the stuff on Modcloth. There are just so many cute and interesting pieces on that site! Recently I bought a pair of shoes from there and ended up getting some store credit from that purchase (long story). I decided that I’d use that store credit to get the Stylish Surprise!

The Stylish Surprise, if you didn’t know, is a random item (Most likely from last season). Basically you pay $10 and you get a mystery item. I got all three types: Apparel, Shoes, and Accessories.

I made a video with all of the items I got, so check that out!

However, there were a few problems. The dress is super cute and makes good “business wear” but the zipper is broken. It won’t zip up anymore. I have no idea how I got it UNzipped. I’m going to have to get one of my friends who is better at sewing zippers to fix it for me. Other than that, it’s fantastic.

The necklace, isn’t really my style, but it’s kind of nice to have something different.

And the boots. Oh god, the boots. They are so cute but they sent me the wrong size. I’m working on possibly getting them replaced. Tall boots are something I really want to be able to wear, but I have really big calfs so a lot of the times if they don’t have a zipper I can’t wear them. I don’t know if I’m going to get the same style, or if I’m going to get a completely different pair (or no exchange at all), but even if I had these boots in my size I don’t think I could wear them. If nothing works out then I’ll probably find someone to trade shoes with.


Overall, my Stylish Surprise was an enjoyable experience. Even though there were problems, Modcloth has excellent customer service so they try to solve your problems if you have them. And I paid $10 for a dress with a broken zipper that probably started out $50+ It’s really no big deal.


I’d definitely purchase the Stylish Surprise again!


UPDATE: Modcloth got back to me, about the shoes. They are sending me a free pair and a 10% coupon for my next order! Modcloth’s clothes might be expensive, but their customer service is top notch!