February Ipsy Glam Bag- Love

For a few months now I’ve been getting the Ipsy Glam bag. It’s a subscription service where for $10 a month you get 5-6 makeup/beauty items delivered right to your door! It’s a fantastic service, and I’ve always found something that I really like! I’ve been super lazy about posting what was in my glam bag each month, but I’d like to change that!

This month’s theme was “love.” Most of my items were pinks and purples and colors you’d associate with “love.” Honestly, this might have been the weakest bag for me (great one to start with), but I always think, hey, I got all of this stuff for $10, so no big deal!


First off the bag. I love the bags everything comes in. They are so cute and so useful! They are great for traveling or just storing your make up! My make up drawer is so much more organized! This months’ is super cute; I love anything pink. It’s also really durable and seems like it would be water resistant.

1. Eva-Nyc Up All Night Volumizing Spray


I love getting hair products! I really like this spray. It doubles as a heat protectant too. You either spray it on your hair before of after blow drying/styling your hair. My hair can be somewhat limp, even after blow drying so I put it on before drying my hair. I really noticed a difference! My hair felt fuller after I was done drying. I will probably use up this sample size that I got.

2.  Model Cosmestics blush in Peach Bellini


I rarely wear blush, like almost never. I think the only times I wear blush is for cosplay purposes, and that’s even really rare. I have a lot of redness in my face, so I try not to add much more. That being said, I don’t think I will be using this product. I did however put a little on my hand to see what it would look like. I think if I were to ever wear blush this would be a good one for me.

3. Pencil Me In Eye liner in Amethyst


I really like this eye liner! I don’t normally wear eye liner colors in anything other than black, but I think this is a dar enough color where I would be comfortable wearing it. It’s really smooth and easy to apply. The greatest thing about this eyeliner is that there is a sharpener built into the cap! This way you’re not mixing it with anything else! That is probably my favorite thing about this liner.

4. Cargo Cosmetics Lip gloss in Anguilla


I’m not a fan of lip glosses, or lip products in general. They are something I seem to get in every ipsy bag. I don’t even have lip products marked on the “things I want” section on the site. This gloss isn’t even something I would consider wearing. It’s very sticky and gooey.

5. Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504


The best thing about the Ipsy Glam Bag is that you get brushes. I think every other month I get brushes and it’s fantastic. This one is very soft and doesn’t seem like the bristles will fall out upon using. I haven’t had a chance to use this brush yet, but I hope I do soon!


Overall out of these 5 items I will definitely use two of them, maybe 1 and probably not 2 of them. 3 out of 5 isn’t too bad! It’s not the best glam bag I’ve received, but I like it none the less!

The great thing about Ipsy is that you get discounts and coupons for all the products in this months bag (even the ones you didn’t receive!) If you want to subscribe you can find my referral link here.

Do you subscribe to the Ipsy Glam bag? What did you get this month?


It’s no secret that I have a weakness for boy bands. Japanese boy bands especially. I’ve been a fan of the group NEWS for somewhere around 7 years. It’s been a rough road for NEWS, but I’m not going to get into that.

NEWS released a new single, KAGUYA, on January 7th, and being the fan I am, I ordered it! Since it was coming from Japan I only got it today, but I was so excited to receive the package!


The single came in three versions; Regular, Limited A, and Limited B. They are all slightly different and if you bought all three you received three special clear files. Which ones did I get? All three of course!

Each version has a different cover. The regular version is the simplest, yet comes with more songs. It has KAGUYA, Butterfly, ;, Top of the World and a Karaoke version of KAGUYA. That’s pretty much it. The CD insert is very simple also; just a group shot of the group members.


The Limited A version comes with a DVD! Because it only has the DVD it only comes with two songs (KAGUYA and Butterfly). The DVD includes the music video for the main single and then the making or “behind the scenes” of the music video. The music video making is really fun! It’s really great to see how hardworking the group members are, but the best part is just seeing them screw around. The four members of NEWS get along really well so they are always making fun of each other and doing silly things.


The music video is awesome! Honestly it seems a little ridiculous, but it’s really cool too! It has a very effeminate feel to it, but that may have to do with the director Ninagawa Miki who is known for that kind of thing. It’s full of traditional Japanese imagery and they do some cool dancing with Japanese umbrellas. There are some weird shots of them sitting in a pond, but I think I can forgive them for that. Tegoshi (the one with the blonde hair) really shines the video! This really is his style. In the making portion they were asking Tegoshi how he thinks of things to do, but Tegoshi says he has no idea! His brain just switches off and he does whatever!

The Limited B version is the version where if you like pictures, this is the one for you. It comes with a 12 page booklet (mostly pictures) and four special cards! The Limited B version comes with three songs, KAGUYA, Butterfly and TRAVeLING.



I know it sounds like a lot of the same thing, but for a die-hard fan like me, each version is unique and special. Plus, after the initial press of the limited versions runs out you can’t get them again!


I’m going to try my best to describe the songs and how I feel about them (if you are really curious, you can probably find them around the internet somewhere).


This is the title track. It is a love song based on the tale “Princess Kaguya” from the “Tale of the Bamboo-cutter” It’s a pretty basic song, and if you read the tale then it makes sense. I think the main point of this song is how it sounds. It’s got influences of tradtional Japanese music with a great pop base. It sounds sort of dark and mysterious. It’s a really fun song. Probably my favorite out of all of the songs on the cds.

2. Butterfly (バタフライ)

This is a medium tempo ballad. It’s got a lot of piano and acoustic gutair. Honestly it’s a very sickeningly sweet love song, but it’s the kind that you want a group of cute boys to sing. This is pretty much a standard Bside song, but I really like it! It’s really happy sounding!


Don’t ask me why it’s spelled like that. Jpop is weird sometimes. This is a really fun sounding song. It’s light and bouncy, lots of trumpets. Honestly I’m a little confused about the lyrics. It’s either about meeting a girl while traveling the world, or missing a girl at home while traveling the world. Probably some combination of the two. You can hear a lot of Masuda and Koyama in this song. It really fits their happy and sunny voices. The more I listen to this song the more I don’t really like it. I don’t hate it or anything, it’s just not really the type of song I like?

4. Wasurenagusa (勿忘草) (Forget me not)

This is the shortest song out of all of them. There is only one verse. This really is a ballad. Piano and strings everywhere. There is a lot of flower imagery in this song. Basically about lost love and not forgetting it. I feel like it’s lacking something by being so short. I want it to be longer.


This is a fast paced pop song. It’s got a lot of techno sounding elements to it and some autotune. The lyrics are about reaching for your dreams, picking yourself up after you fall down, that sort of thing. It’s simply a fun song.

Here are some more pictures of the extras and packaging!




All in all I think this is a great release from NEWS. The main track is super fun, and the music video is really cool. Each version of the single was unique enough to warrant getting and the extras are really cool!

KAGUYA debuted at number 1 on the Oricon charts (Japan’s Billboard-type charts), continuing NEWS’s streak of #1 singles. International sales don’t count towards the Oricon ranking, but I’m still happy to support NEWS regardless!

Overall I give KAGUYA by NEWS a 4/5!


You can purchase KAGUYA and other Jpop cds at cdjapan, yesasia, or HMV (those are the three I recommend)


Moon Prism Power! Make up!

Magical Girls rejoice! Sailor Moon Crystal has finally started!

For as long as I can remember I have loved magical girl anime. It’s such an appealing genre; cute girls, magic, buttkicking, romance, friendship and awesome ladies. What more could you want?

Sailor Moon is probably the most iconic of the magical girl anime. It has a legacy of 20 years and it shows no sign of stopping, especially with the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal, that premiered this past weekend.


I used to watch Sailor Moon as a kid when it first aired on TV in the US. I don’t remember how much of it I actually watched (I could have been for only a short time since I remember not having many TV channels as a kid). Though I do remember being super excited when my friend let me borrow one of her Sailor Moon VHS’ in 5th grade and renting the Sailor Moon R and Super S movies many times. I might not have very vivid memories of it, but it’s there.

For the 20th Anniversary of this iconic series, creator Nakao Takeuchi has finally released her iron grip on the series. After a horrible english dubbed adaption, Takeuchi swore never to let the series be released in English again. Fortunately, she’s become a bit more accomidating recently.  The series is being rereleased in the US and around the world in via the Internet. Currently the episodes are only in Japanese, but an English language dub is being released at a later date, and completely void of name changes, changes to sexuality and even gender. Plus the unreleased in the US 5th season Sailor Stars will finally be released in the US!

Tell me this isn’t a dream come true. But it gets better. So much better. A new Sailor Moon Series has been made, Sailor Moon Crystal. This is a remake of the original series, rather than a continuation. SMC will follow the original manga much more closely and much shorter. The best part? It’s being released on the internet with subtitles in tons of different languages!

As a biweekly series, the first episode has already aired. I couldn’t be happier with it honestly.

As far as content goes, pretty much every incarnation of Sailor Moon has the same first episode. That’s actually quite reassuring.Everything starts the same.

I’m just going to say it here: I love the art style. There are a few things I don’t like, such as Usagi’s eyes (they look a bit dead don’t they?), but overall it’s just amazing. It really gives off that romantic shojou feel. There are flower frames, light spheres and starry backgrounds. It’s everything I love about shojou manga in motion.


Usagi’s hair is one of my favorite parts. In the original anime Usagi’s twin tails are very rigid, but in Crystal, they flow freely in the wind and it’s beautiful. The whole show just has a very soft and floaty feel to it. It just makes me feel nice watching it.

The 3D animated transformation sequence will take some getting used to. I always feel like that kind of animation mixed with the 2D just feels a bit out of place. But it’s the transformation sequence, so we’ll be seeing it a million times, I’ll probably get used to it.


Also, can we talk about how awesome that theme song is? I’m a little sad that it’s not Moonlight Densetsu, but the new song is all about girl power, and sticking together. It’s just everything Sailor Moon stands for.

I’m so excited to see the rest of this series! My favorite Senshi is Sailor Venus, and even though there was a lot of Sailor V, it will be a while until Aino Minako shows up. I’m super sad that new episodes will only air biweekly!

You can watch new episodes subtitled in English on Hulu! For Free!

Do you like Sailor Moon? Have you seen Sailor Moon Crystal? Who is your favorite Senshi? Let me know in the comments!